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REIgnition CMS Features

REIgnition CMS is a fully scalable system, built on Microsoft’s .NET 2.0 framework. Its features include:

User-Friendly Content Editor

Creating webpage content is easy with the WYSIWYG editor. Paste content from outside sources, make links, add tables, and insert images as you go.

Dynamic Page Creation

Make new pages, rearrange your navigation, assign new templates, and rename pages, navigation, and URLs.

Custom Template Design and Implementation

Create and revise your website templates, or let BarkleyREI design, code, and install them.

Built-In SEO Tools

Create intuitive URLs and control titles, heading tags, and keyword and description metadata for every page on your site.

Dynamic Lists

Add dynamic lists of news, events, and onsite links to a webpage or sidebar.

Per-Page Content Rollback

View or revert back to a previously published version of a content page.

File Manager

Upload and manage virtually any kind of file for inclusion on your website.

User Security

Assign and manage site content responsibility with flexible user roles.

Workflow Control

Assign user roles responsible for approving and publishing site content.

News & Events

Create and manage your website’s online calendar and news items.

Front-End Site Security

Password-protect portions of your website via a front-end security management interface.

For Pricing or to Schedule a Demo

Contact Shane Pryal at (412) 683-3700